BODA BAMBOO was established in 2004. It has since grown into one of the largest bamboo flooring manufacturers in the world. Boda bamboo currently employs around 400 people. We are a vertically integrated company. We produce nearly all of our raw materials. This allows us tight control of quality and the ability to provide our customers with low cost and high value......
The green story of bamboo
As bamboo is a fast growing, self-regenerating grass, it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than more traditional hardwood flooring options. For example, bamboo takes around five years to reach maturity, whereas a hardwood tree could take decades to grow until it is mature enough to be harvested. In addition to this, bamboo forests are harvested by hand, which ensures that the root of the grass is unspoilt, allowing it to naturally self-propagate and continue to produce healthy and abundant crops for future harvests. The bamboo forests are sustained year on year as the entire forest is not harvested all at once.
Green Fast Lock Floor
SPC flooring is one kind of next generation flooring product. "SPC" means stone/plastic composite. It is more durable, stable and environmental friendly than traditional LVT floors. No glue is used in our whole production process of SPC flooring and it can be 100% water proofed which can be a good replacement of ceramic tiles.
Wood/Bamboo SPC HYBRID
Real Wood/Bamboo looking but water resistance
Wood/Bamboo SPC rigid core flooring, is the latest revolution in resilient flooring construction. Designed with long term, incredibly water resistant performance, rigid core vinyl floors are your best bet for dimensional stability in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms. The planks themselves are completely waterproof and won’t warp or twist in any amount of moisture.When you combine the beauty of real strand woven bamboo and wood, you get the best of both worlds. Eco friendly, extremely durable and water resistant flooring.
Good matching of your flooring
All kinds of matching molding & stair parts are available for you to choose, such as reducer, T-molding, quarter round, stair riser, stair tread etc.
Bamboo: The Natural Fence Material, dress up your backyard
Each fencing panel includes a series of commercial-grade bamboo poles attached with durable steel wire. Our bamboo comes from southeast of China, where the climate lets every stalk thrive.
The natural dried bamboo exudes a warm shade that is not only stunning, but also highly durable, making it one of the best materials to build a fence with. Bamboo can hold more pressure and weight than other kinds of wood due to its natural structure, but it also offers enough flexibility to fit multiple surfaces and bend into the shape you need. You can even count on bamboo to resist termites and pests that usually damage other forms of wood.
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